Channel your inner Abbi and Ilana and say "Yas kween!" to these vibrators and other hot bedroom gadgets.

By Anthea Levi
September 14, 2017

Leave it to Broad City writers and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer to develop their own line of sex toys. Their hit Comedy Central show, which premiered its fourth season last night, is all about sex positivity, experimentation, and regular masturbation sessions.

If you’ve never watched Broad City, allow us to get you up to speed on some of the sex-driven storylines: Ilana has been known to talk on the phone with Abbi, her best friend, while she’s getting it on. She also has a go-to lipstick she wears while she masturbates. Abbi, on the other hand, is more guarded than Ilana. But that doesn’t stop her from wearing a strap-on and having anal sex with her neighbor when he asks her to during their first sexual encounter.

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Considering the hilariously realistic way the show approaches sex and love, we weren’t all that surprised to hear that the funny ladies hooked up with sex toy retailer Lovehoney to create their very own line of buzzy bedroom gadgets. The Broad City "pleasure collection" offers something for everyone, sex-toy virgins included. And each one is given a name that's also a catchphrase from the show.

The Yas Kween 10 Function Bullet ($22, is the basic vibrator of the collection. It comes with “almighty buzzin’ lovin” and is small enough to fit inside a handbag. Other toy options include The Vulvarine Silicone Rabbit Vibrator ($75, and the Nature’s Pocket Kegel Balls ($30,, which supposedly “tone up your love muscles.”

Whether you're a Broad City buff or not, we're all for bringing Abbi and Ilana's toys into your bedroom (or stashing them in your handbag, as Lovehoney suggests). Try them out, then catch the rest of the show's fourth season—and see what all the buzz is about.