Recreate the magic—without springing for another pair of airline tickets.

By Anthea Levi
March 19, 2018

Everything is better on vacation—including sex. If you've recently returned from a getaway with your partner, then that sentence is probably making you smile. A relaxing environment minus the distractions of daily life can make vacation sex fun, adventurous, and carefree, says Jennifer Wiessner, a Maine-based sex and relationship therapist.

But you don't need to book a follow-up trip to experience the magic you felt at that mountaintop lodge or beach villa. All it takes is an attitude adjustment and a few changes to your usual at-home habits. These four ideas will help you keep the sexiest part of your vacation going.

Unplug so you feel away from it all

Sure you brought your phone and tablet with you on vacation. But chances are you didn’t use them as much as you normally do—you were too busy swimming, skiing, catching views, or getting it on with your partner. The lack of digital distractions makes you more likely to turn to each other for entertainment, if you catch our drift.

So vow to disconnect at home too. “Have one night per week where devices are shut off so you can both turn on,” says Wiessner. If you're not reflexively checking messages or looking at screens, you'll talk and touch more...and have deeper, more intense sex sessions.

Fire your desire with trip mementos

"If you bought wine glasses or candles on vacation, bring them out at home to get that vacation energy back in action,” suggests Holly Richmond, PhD, a sex and a relationship therapist in Los Angeles. Sipping from the same souvenir shot glasses you used for drinks on the beach—and tuning into that memory together—can help conjure up those sexy vacation vibes.

The same goes for any new foods you tried (and loved) or music you listened to. Bringing back those sensory experiences by making the same meal at home or downloading the tunes on a vacation playlist will prompt you to remember how great the trip was...and the sex as well.

Recreate that sense of sexual adventure

So you had amazing vacation sex—but once you arrived home, you immediately slipped back into your same-old bedroom routine. Sound familiar? “When this happens, I ask clients to tell me what it was that made their vacation sex great,” says Richmond. “This helps them suss out the elements that made it so pleasurable so they can then bring them home.”

Was it a new position you tried together? A new spot you’d never done it in before? Try to replicate the experience by doing whatever it was you loved in your own home. “Any little thing that will bring back that element of novelty is helpful,” says Richmond.

Strive to feel vacation calm

It’s pretty much impossible to have great sex if you’re thinking about your to-do list. Taking steps that distance you from the daily grind (just like vacay does) can make you feel happy, relaxed, and ready for the amazing sex sessions you enjoyed on your trip.

“Consider taking the long way home on your commute and do deep breathing,” suggests Wiessner. “Listen to your favorite music or take a shower, go for a run, or meditate once you get home. Get in touch with what you need to let go of of or tune into in order to make space for your partner.”