Your boobs are a major erogenous zone—don't leave them out of the action.

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The best sex positions involve as many erogenous zones as possible. Yet most popular moves neglect the one erogenous zone that when stimulated the right way can turn good sex into OMG don't-stop action: your breasts.

Not only are your breasts and nipples super receptive to touch, they're also an intimate part of your anatomy. Having your partner focus on them can make you feel more connected—and lead to a deeper orgasm as well, says Laurie Mintz, PhD, author of Becoming Cliterate. Even science has shown that nipple touch can activate the same regions of the brain that light up in response to genital stimulation.

Your boobs tend to get a lot of attention "in the initial stages of making out during foreplay, and then they’re neglected for the rest of sex," says Mintz. "My advice is to include [them] in the whole event, not just the beginning." That's wisdom we can get onboard with. Here are five sex positions that do exactly that.

Doggie style squeeze

The doggie style position typically has your partner behind you, planting his hands on the mattress or stretched out above your head for support. In this twist, your guy leverages himself by holding one or both breasts. As he enters you from behind, he can easily reach down and squeeze and play with your girls, says Mintz, depending on the type of touch and intensity you like.

Though it's up to you to let him know if you crave harder or faster strokes or if you want him to pinch your nipples, ultimately he's driving the action—you get to relax and revel in all the pleasure. You can also try this with you bent over a table, or with both of you standing while you face a wall for balance.

Wow-him woman on top

While your partner reclines on his back and you start riding him, he'll have an incredible view of your rack moving up and down with each thrust. Tease him by arching your back or keeping your breasts just out of reach, so he can't play with them until you give the go-ahead. (Remember, woman on top puts you in charge.)

But your pleasure, not his view, is the real focus here. So once you're done teasing him, encourage him to reach up and hold your breasts and even prop himself up so he can use his tongue to lick and suck them. The feel of his wet mouth will have your headlights standing at attention and sending tingling waves of pleasure through your body.

Rack wraparound

With your partner sitting comfortably on the floor, face him and lower yourself onto his penis, riding him and supporting yourself by holding his back or shoulders. Your breasts will be close against his body, and as a result, you'll feel close to each other. He can try holding your breasts as you thrust against him or just pressing his torso into them, creating lots of body heat. Or he can blow against your nipples, boosting the sensation you feel above and below the belt.

Spoon and cup

Spooning is such a comfy sex position, it allows you to draw out sex and make it longer and lazier—and that allows from plenty of time for breast play. Lie on your sides, your partner behind you, and have him caress your breasts and nipples before he enters you. Try to draw foreplay out for as long as you can, asking him to cup your breasts and tease your nipples between his fingers. When you can't take it anymore, have him enter you, his hands still cupping your breasts as you power toward orgasm.

Oral sex outstretched

“Sex doesn’t have to be intercourse," says Mintz. We totally agree—which is why we included this oral sex for you position: Lie comfortably on your back and have your guy position his head between your legs. As he goes down on you, encourage him to reach up and play with your breasts with his hands, so his arms are stretched over his head reaching toward you. While you enjoy every sensation, he's got all the erogenous zones on the front of your body covered.