How to burn up the bedroom when it's scorching outside.

By Jessica Migala
July 18, 2018

Summertime sex has a lot going for it. When temperatures rise, clothes come off, and all that skin you see can be pretty damn arousing. No wonder people get it on more in July than in any other month of the year, according to a survey from sex toy retailer Lovehoney. An Australian study also showed that people have (slightly) more sexual partners in the summer.

But twisting the sheets when it's hot as hell outside has drawbacks. The last thing you want to do when you're sweating like a mop is brush up against your partner's equally sticky body. Blasting the AC can be distracting, and the heat can leave you too fatigued to bump and grind. “Sometimes it can feel too hot for sex," says Los Angeles-based sex therapist Vanessa Marin. "You’re sweating just standing still, so the thought of vigorous movement is just too much."

But enduring a dry spell until Labor Day isn't much fun either. So we've rounded up some expert-backed tips on the best ways to burn up the bedroom when it's scorching outside.

Do it doggy style

The last thing you need is a sweaty body lying on top of you, no matter how (figuratively) hot that body is. So forget missionary and spooning and go for positions that minimize body contact, like doggy style, suggests Marin, with your partner gripping your hips while standing or kneeling. Even better is if you take the action out of the bedroom and onto the kitchen counter or table, which is probably a cooler surface.

Touch only with your hands

If your AC is on the skids and it's just too uncomfortable for any actual penetration, this is a good time to go for some mutual masturbation, says Marin. You only touch with your fingers and palms, so you aren't rubbing against each other. You can lie back while your partner teases your breasts and clitoris, amping up sensation so you're more likely to orgasm. If you haven’t done this yet, you may discover it’s your new favorite way to get off—you each take turns, focusing on the other person, which can be super intimate.

Get a room

Vacation sex is some of the best sex—you're away from home and in a new environment, which is always exciting. Plus, you've got that vacation vibe going, which makes you feel carefree, relaxed, and ready to romp. So if you can't manage to get away this summer and a staycation sounds like a downer, book a luxe hotel room for one night only and enjoy yourselves. A hotel room also gives you the opportunity to do some sexy role-playing, like pretending you just met and can't keep your hands off each other.

Find a breezy porch or terrace

A porch, terrace, back door stairs, even a hammock will do for this one. The point is to catch a summer breeze while your partner enters you standing from behind, tilting your body forward so you can lean on the railing or staircase for support. Let the wind cool you off while your partner controls the thrusting. Just make sure you have thick hedges to hide behind, or do it at night, when you're sure the neighbors aren't watching.

Have foreplay in water

Sure it's every movie fantasy sex scene. But having intercourse in a pool, hot tub, or other body of water is really overrated and even potentially hazardous, says Marin. Water can dry out your natural vaginal lubrication, so penetration becomes rough and even painful. Worse, bacteria in a pond or lake can give you an infection.

But since water is sexy, try treating yourselves to foreplay in a pool or the shower, say by stroking each other down below or engaging in oral sex. Even just turning on the garden hose while you're in the backyard and splashing around can fire your desire, cooling down your bodies while heating up your playful sides . . . which can easily lead to playfulness in the bedroom.

Heat things up with ice cubes

If the bedroom is sweltering, bring on the chill. Ice cubes can be a lot of fun—and very erotic—to trail down each other’s steamy bodies, says Marin. As you move the ice cube down your partner's torso or back, nerve endings in their skin trigger goose bumps and a sexy anticipation for what will come next. Just when your partner's skin is chilled, warm it up again by blowing hot air on the area. The alternate hot and cold sensations will make them shiver. Try this tip with ice cream or a popsicle too, or a menthol breath mint.

Play with stainless-steel toys

Vibrators and other sex toys used to largely be made out of silicone or plastic. But many are made from stainless steel these days, and the cool feel of the material will feel perfect on a hot night. The steel naturally holds onto the cold, says Marin, and the alternating sensations will feel very arousing on your hot skin. Plan this one out ahead of time so you can toss your toys into the refrigerator and make sure they're perfectly chilled. (We’d say stash them in the fridge permanently, but you never know when you’re having guests over!)