Intimate, comfy, and insanely pleasurable.

By Gabrielle Kassel
Updated February 14, 2019

In movie and TV sex, women are always getting it on while doing a deep back bend, rotating their hips in 360 degree circles, or lifting their legs high overhead. “These sex scenes in the media create this idea that sex is a performance and that women have to have incredible mobility in order to have incredible sex,” clinical sexologist Patti Britton, PhD, co-founder of, tells Health.

But if you're not an acrobat or gymnast, there's no reason to try twisting yourself like a pretzel to experience intense pleasure. These 6 creative sex positions don’t require a lot of flexibility and are super comfortable, so you'll feel intimately connected to your partner while enjoying insane orgasms.

Lifted missionary

Missionary-style sex is often dissed for being boring. But think about the upsides: This position increases intimacy because it allows for eye contact and kissing. Missionary also leaves your hands free for touching, stroking, and holding a vibrator, and best of all, it doesn’t require a ton of hip flexibility.

To make an orgasm more likely, prop up your pelvis by putting a comfy pillow under your butt. Elevating your butt changes the angle of penetration, allowing your partner to go deeper. (Hello, G-spot orgasms.) It also gives your partner better access to your clitoris, which he can stimulate with the base of his penis or hand, says Britton.

Big spoon, little spoon

Spoon-style sex is another easy-on-the-joints position. With your partner pressed against your back and butt while you’re on your side, you don’t have to worry about spreading your thighs or opening your hips, Stella Harris, relationship coach and sex expert at the sex and relationship site Juicebox, tells Health. And since your legs are closed, it provides a snug fit and tighter grip on his penis.

Make spooning even hotter by having your partner grip your breasts or hold your middle while thrusting. Being held tightly allows your partner to go in deeper and stroke your G-spot and clitoris. Another idea is to put a cushion under your upper body, which will let you thrust backward during sex,” Sari Cooper, founder and director of The Center for Love and Sex in New York City, tells Health.

Modified lotus

Regular lotus is basically a sitting-down hug; your partner sits cross-legged on the floor and you sit in your partner's lap facing them, wrapping your arms and legs around their body. “It actually requires a lot of hip flexibility to open yourself and core strength to initiate the thrusting action,” explains Cooper.

In its place comes the modified lotus. “The bottom partner should sit on a chair or bench that is low enough to the ground so you, the top partner, can sit on top with both of your feet firmly on the ground,” advises Cooper. Once in position, you can hold on to the back of the chair, while you both of you rock back and forth. This pose is comfortable and you’ll have greater control of depth and speed. Plus, your partner's penis will stimulate the lower part of your vagina, where the most nerves are.

Snuggle puss

This position with the suggestive name sounds tricky, but it’s basically reverse cowgirl that's easy on the hips. Have your partner sit in a chair with padded arms or a comfortable recliner, "and then you sit sideways on the chair in their lap with your legs hanging over the arm,” Jill McDevitt, PhD, resident sexologist at sex toy emporium CalExotics, tells Health. Your partner can place his feet flat on the floor for leverage while he thrusts up and down. This position allows you to enjoy your partner's cozy embrace while also treating you to deep G-spot stimulation.

Standing doggy style

"Traditional doggy style can be painful for women with knee issues,” says Britton, not to mention a stiff neck or back. A sexy variation has you standing up and bent toward bed with your palms on the mattress for support as your partner stands behind you and enters you. If supporting yourself against the bed isn't comfy, do standing doggy against a higher table or desk—whatever is easiest on your body. If you’re craving more intimacy in this position, have your partner drape their body over yours like blanket from behind.

Table top oral sex

“More than 75% of women can’t orgasm from penetration alone,” says Britton. Being on the receiving side of oral sex will make it much more likely that you hit that high note. Instead of squatting over your partner's face or leaning over as he pleasures you from behind, lie back on the bed with your legs straight out or knees bent, says Britton. Prop up your booty on a pillow, which will give your partner easier access to your clitoris and vagina and prevent any neck pain on their part.

Another modification is for you to lie back on a table or the bed, your hips and legs dangling over the edges and your partner kneeling between your legs, says Harris. From here, your partner can hold your thighs open and treat you to kisses and strokes from their mouth and tongue.