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Comfy and soft for hot and dirty action

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Amazing sex is all about comfort and access—so you can try out new touches and strokes, position your bodies at tricky but crazy-hot angles, and sustain the action for longer without feeling sore the next day. The easiest way to do this? Bring the right sex pillows into your bedroom.

“Sex pillows are firm cushions that are made to support your bodies so that you can more comfortably get into position,” sex educator Alex Fine, co-founder  and CEO of sex toy emporium Dame Products. tells Health. Sex pillows and sex wedges (basically a firm, wedge-shaped pillow) are designed to prop up body parts like your stomach, back, butt, and pelvis, yet they're also super comfy for when you want to bask in the afterglow and drift off to sleep.

Sure, any old couch cushion might do the trick. But sex pillows are specifically made for bedroom action; they're durable and often have covers that are easy to toss in the wash. (Because, you know, great sex can get a little messy.) Here are the five best sex pillows recommended by our favorite experts.

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