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You may never go back to doing it on a mattress again.

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Back in May, girlfriends Cara Delevinge and Ashley Benson were seen lugging a box containing a sex bench into their Los Angeles home. So what's a sex bench, exactly? This piece of sex furniture is what it sounds like: a long, thin platform where couples can get it on. Sex benches originated as part of BDSM play, with one partner reclining on the bench in a submissive role while the other dominates the action. But any couple into any kind of sex can benefit from one.

By supporting your body better than a bed or couch, sex benches can give you an assist when you want to try tricky positions or make a sex session last longer, Kait Scalisi, MPH, founder of the sex education and counseling website Passion by Kait, tells Health. “In addition to being used to expand the number of positions available to you, sex benches also invite deeper penetration," she says. Some come with restraints and ties, which can be fun to experiment with and help deepen your trust.

Whether you want to explore new positions, avoid fatigue and injuries, or open up a kinkier side of your relationship, sex benches can help you do it. Here are the 6 best benches recommended by experts. Some will remind you of Christian Grey’s "red room," but others don’t look like sex accessories at all.

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