These are the smooth moves couples turned to during a chaotic year.

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Let's be honest, 2020 wasn't the most exciting year for sex. Social distancing guidelines meant that finding new in-person partners wasn't in the cards. If you had a partner, all that together time staying at home may have left you you less eager to hit the sheets. On top of that, 2020 was also a pretty stressful year, leaving many of us without the energy for wild and crazy intercourse.

So this year's top sex positions were mostly about comfort and familiarity, plus a little creativity. Here's the lowdown from two sex experts.

Mutual digital masturbation

When social distancing kept us away from physical partners, we turned to virtual sex—especially with hands-free or app-operated sex toys like Ella Paradis' We-Vibe Wearable Jive Vibrator (, $174). That allowed people to indulge in screen sex, which is actually a great way to learn what gets your partner off and build communication as your voice your fantasies. "There is a tremendous amount of novelty in this as technology continues to grow in this area," Debra Laino, DHS, a board-certified clinical sexologist based in Delaware, tells Health. "Couples were able to be sexual from anywhere and explore something much less status quo than traditional sex."

The plough

Laino says that 2020 was all about being in tune with your sexual needs and communicating that to your partner. The plough, a form of doggy style recommended by sex therapist Rachel Needle, PsyD, fits the bill; this position puts your clitoris front and center. Lay face down on the edge of the bed with your hips and legs elevated. As your partner enters you from behind, lift your hips and wrap your legs around your partner's hips. Now your clitoris in an easy to access position. "This gives you the option of using one hand to play with your clitoris or even just rub it against the bed," Dr. Needle tells Health. Or your partner can reach down and touch your clitoris between the bumping and grinding.

The joined at the hip

Though 2020 wasn't the hottest year for sex, some couples used quarantine as an opportunity to have longer, deeper sex sessions. That's where the speed bump comes in. This doggie-style move allows you to relax and enjoy intense penetration. Lie flat on your front; your partner lies on top and angles inside you while your legs are still together. "This creates a lot of heated friction for both partners," says Dr. Needle. You're so close, you can even sync up your breathing and feel emotionally in tune, not just physically together.

The pillow plump

Between working from home and maintaining the household, women decided 2020 was the year they were going to lay back and let their partner do all the work—hence this super pleasurable sex that's all about her. Start in the missionary position with your partner on top. Put a pillow under your butt to lift your pelvis, which changes the angle of your vagina as your partner enters you. "This will allow your partner to penetrate you more deeply and thrust more easily," says Dr. Needle. Relax and enjoy the ride.

CBD-boosted penetration

2020 was a huge year for CBD lube, with CBD products increasing not just in the wellness world but the sex realm as well. What does CBD lube do for your sex life? Laino says it can relax the vagina so orgasms feel more powerful. Couples were trying it in any position they liked, so put some on your vagina and your partner's genitals and try getting it on via missionary, doggie style, or woman on top.

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