Sarah Bence

Title: Writer and occupational therapist
Education: Kenyon College, University of Plymouth
  • Registered occupational therapist
  • Writer with over 6 years of experience
  • Patient advocate


Sarah is a freelance writer with over 6 years of experience as well as a registered occupational therapist. As a writer, her work has appeared in several publications, including Health, Verywell Health, Healthline, Business Insider, SELF Magazine, and more.

As an occupational therapist, Sarah has worked in a range of mental health settings, including community mental health services and memory care. She received the Catherine Mounter Award in Occupational Science for her research on the health and wellbeing benefits of amateur choir singing.

Sarah is also a patient advocate, and lives with celiac disease and endometriosis. She runs the travel blog Endless Distances, where she shares tips for celiac safe, gluten free travel.


Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts in english and creative writing from Kenyon College. She later earned a Master of Science in occupational therapy from University of Plymouth.

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