Title: CEO & co-founder of TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance
Education: Dartmouth College, Northwestern University
Expertise: Breast cancer; Patient advocacy; Triple-negative breast cancer; Black breast cancer; Breast cancer clinical trials; Health disparities in breast cancer
  • 11-year triple negative breast cancer survivor and thriver
  • CEO & co-founder of TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance
  • Member of the American Cancer Society National Breast Cancer Roundtable Steering Committee
  • Inducted into The History Makers


Ricki is an award-winning, seasoned marketing veteran that has transformed her strategic acumen into breast cancer advocacy. Ricki co-founded and serves as CEO of TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance to address Black breast cancer as a unique and special disease state, with the overall goal of reducing the mortality rate for Black women.

As a triple-negative breast cancer survivor and thriver, Ricki’s personal purpose, passion, mission, ministry, and blessing is to bring focus, attention, research, science, and action to eradicating Black Breast Cancer. She supports and coaches what she calls her “Breasties” through their breast cancer experience. She also actively assists pharmaceutical companies in revamping and designing their clinical trial recruiting materials.

Fairley is a seasoned marketer with 35+ years of marketing experience including 20 years in brand management at Johnson & Johnson, Nabisco, Reckitt & Colman, and The Coca-Cola Company, and over 15 years in agency leadership encompassing strategic planning and consulting for numerous Fortune 500 companies. She was recently at the White House for a Moonshot Briefing with Dr. Jill Biden. Ricki has two daughters, Amanda Brown Lierman and Hayley Brown, and 3 granddaughters, Belle, Leia, and Hart, who remind her of her purpose every day.

No one wants a breast cancer diagnosis, but becoming a Breastie means that you’re part of our beloved family. I tell my story and work every day to eradicate Black breast cancer so that my fellow Black Breasties know they aren't alone. Together, we can demand better treatments and change the game for Black Breasties, our community, and generations to come.


Ricki has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Dartmouth College. She earned an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northeastern University with a focus in marketing and management policy.

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