Honest—and hilarious.

By Blake Bakkila
February 14, 2018

Every Valentine’s Day, those little pink boxes of candy hearts hit store shelves. We're fans of the old-school, lovey-dovey phrases stamped on them—but we're also loving the updated, so true messages they would carry if some real moms had their way.

Their candy-heart message suggestions are collected at #IfMomWroteCandyHearts. With over 5,000 tweets and a handful of Instagrams, the hilarious hashtag has gone viral. Below are our favorites, which capture the sweet yet snarky things moms are really thinking.

Dad should be more (or less) involved

Why am I the only one breaking out the Swiffer?

Don't forget to keep yourself clean too

Your eating habits need serious brushing up

It's called tough love

Hone those communication skills

I love you . . . in my own snarky way

Here’s a few more we love for good measure: “Drugstore chocolate doesn’t count,” “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA NO,” “Mom isn’t home,” “Clean Dishes Happy Wife,” “Because I said so,” “Not the maid,” and “Baby’s Crying Your Turn” These gems featured in one Instagram post.