Creative and sexy ideas that come right to your door.


Coming up with playful and original date ideas can be a struggle, whether you're in a long-term relationship or just getting to know a potential partner. There’s only so many movies to watch and restaurants to go out to. And when you decide to do something together at home, how many times does your night devolve into another takeout and Netflix binge? Exactly.

The solution is simple: Let date night come to you with one of these subscription boxes geared for couples, and you'll always have playful and creative ideas of hand. Most plans are priced under $40 a month, costing you even less than dinner out. Save bank, have fun, and deepen your bond . . . without leaving the living room.

Unbox Love ($34-$39)

Each crate shipped to your door by Unbox love has its own theme, which is always a surprise. Past boxes (you can sign up for a three-month or six-month subscription, or month to month) were themed around ideas like “backyard camping,” which included s’mores and outdoor games, and “Italian Qui Vieni,” which delivered spiked San Pellegrino, a gelato recipe, breadsticks, and more to your table. You never know what you’re going to get; it's almost like a secret date planned by the gods of love to excite and arouse you and your partner.

Date Night In ($34.99-$99.99)

Date Night In gets the win for one-of-a-kind date experiences. Each box has a curated theme, from "Easy Like Sunday Morning" (focused on kicking back and relaxing as a couple) to the "Story of Us," which gives you the tools to take a nostalgia trip through your relationship. The “Delivered With Love” box transports you to 1920s Paris, while “I Love You With All My Senses” explores romance through the five senses. Get three months of dates for $99.99 or sign up for a $34.99 monthly subscription.

Crated With Love ($19.99-$26.99)

From work to kids, there’s plenty that can get in the way of your love life. Crated With Love is built around the idea that couples need alone time to reconnect and keep their relationship fresh. "Each box has a specific theme and with that theme comes 3-4 date activities, games, or projects, all centered around romance and laughter, two crucial ingredients to a healthy relationship," the site tells us. What you get each month may be a surprise—but it's all geared toward shutting out the world and tightening your bond.

Fantasy Box ($39-$159)

Each sexy package from Fantasy Box offers couples the chance to explore their deepest desires. Every type of fantasy, plus the clothes, toys, and other accoutrements you need to act it out, can be shipped to your bedroom. A few examples include a "quickie kit," spa fantasy, and mile-high club experience. You can either customize a box that caters to you and your partner, or choose from the fantasy boxes available.

Modern Love Box ($54)

The Modern Love Box is all about inspiring couples to keep things hot and exciting. When you sign up, you provide some details about your partner and your relationship, such as their gender and how long you've been a couple. Four times a year, at the beginning of each new season, a box will arrive on your doorstep filled with curated "luxury items" designed to pamper you and boost your communication—such as pretty journals to write in, lotions and loofah, body paint, candles, and questions to ask each other that can reveal things you didn't know.

Boxed Wingman ($39)

This subscription box is your wingman—providing everything you need to have a "ridiculously fun" date. That means receiving 8-12 handpicked items plus questions to ask each other and activities to do together. One box might have you building a gingerbread house, another will show you how to craft sky lanterns, a third might be about creating cocktails. The options are centered on bringing couples together to "build, create, cook, explore, and indulge."