Rejoice, Gilmore Girls fans. The beloved show about a mother-daughter duo is available for streaming on Netflix today. Here are 4 ways moms improve your life, and why you should give yours a call.
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Rejoice, Gilmore Girls fans. The beloved show is available for streaming on Netflix today, pulling us—some for the second time around—into the busy, unpredictable lives of single mom, Lorelai, and her teenage daughter, Rory.

Just like every parent and child, these two banter often and bicker occasionally, but the big takeaway from the show is that your mom could not only be your parent, but also your best friend, sidekick, and confidant.

Though Gilmore Girls hasn't been on the air since 2007, its family themes are truly timeless. As a reminder of why moms are the best, we've rounded up 4 ways they improve your life.

Here's why you should pick up the phone:

Her voice can be comforting

If you're stressed, you may want to call your mom. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that stressed daughters who only heard their mother's voice had similar increases in the bonding hormone oxytocin and decreases in the stress hormone cortisol compared to children who had both physical and verbal contact with their moms. And her reassuring pep talks are just icing on the cake.

She can give you an energy boost

Feeling drained at work? Call mom for a pick-me-up—just be sure to step outside. Researchers for Johnson & Johnson's community health company Wellness + Prevention Inc. found that calling a loved one can actually boost your energy. In the experiment, people who had a quick phone conversation with a loved one reported higher energy levels than people who drank coffee in the previous 30 minutes.

She may improve your self-esteem

According to a study published in Social and Behavioral Sciences, your relationship with your mom can impact how you feel about yourself. Having a strong, healthy bond (or your level of "connectedness," as the study calls it) with your mother can help boost your self-esteem. That's a great reason to talk to your mom on the regular.

She's a good influence

In a 2000 Gallup Poll, 88% of adults said that their mother had a positive influence on them. In the same survey, 85% of moms said their families appreciate them enough. Keep it up by giving her a call to tell her how much she's appreciated.