A healthy, loving partnership not only boosts you mood, but also keeps you healthy and energized, too. To feel more connected to your partner use inclusive words like “we” and “us,” rather than you or I, which creates a bond, rather than alienates.

Certain body language moves also show you care: when sitting down, try turning the upper part your chest towards him, and pointing your toes in his direction, which shows you're interested in what he has to say.

If the economy or other stressors are keeping your relationship down, visit our 28 steps to a better relationship, which suggests: experiencing something new together like taking a cooking class and being open about your spending habits.

A thriving sex life is also important for a healthy relationship, but sometimes fatigue, stress or just plain boredom can put a damper on things. Try switching up your day-to-day habits, like adding more exercise, for example, which will not only make you feel sexier, but also increase your blood flow – important for arousal. Certain yoga poses can also make for better sex because they help increase your flexibility and also heighten the sensation. For even hotter sex, swap out cotton sheets for silk ones.

Certain foods like avocado, Chile peppers and asparagus can also help get you in the mood (and are healthy for you, too!). Or embrace the quickie, a suggestion in our 30-day sex plan to amp up your sex life.