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Ali Wong is a standup comedian, actress, mom—and our new hero. Since giving birth to her second child at the end of last year, Wong has shared a series of Instagram posts, typically with the semi-ironic hashtag #TheJoyOfMotherhood.

Most recently, the American Housewife cast member posted an image of herself breastfeeding her newborn. “Breastfeeding is a blast” she captioned the photo, displaying a facial expression that made it perfectly clear it's anything but.

Previously, she posted similarly snarky messages about being a mother of two. “Giving my friend a tutorial on how to pump hands free,” she captioned an image of herself with a breast pump over her shirt.

We're also digging her all-too-real sentiment about venturing out with her kids . . . when she really just wanted to hang out on the couch and score some screen time. “Pretending it was worth it to get out of the house, but really we should’ve stayed home and watched Daniel Tiger #TheJoyOfMotherhood,” she wrote.

In February, Wong posted a video of her oldest daughter, Mari, bundled up in a puffer coat. “Mari, we have to keep walking…” she says in the clip, trying to take her daughter’s hand while also carrying her newborn. But Mari resists, prompting Wong to go on a hashtag rant: “#AllStarWeekend #2kids#IDidThis2Myself #TheJoyOfMotherhood.”

In another video from February, Wong pushes her two kids up a hill in a stroller. “This is the life I have chosen #IDidThis2Myself #JoyOfMotherhood#2Kids,” she shared.

And when her husband tried to give her some privacy while she breastfed, she asserted that she wanted to “#FreeTheNipple.”

“My husband insisted on covering me while I breastfed. I think he went a little overboard,” she captioned a photo of herself nursing with a blanket draped over her head.

By sharing the unfiltered “joys” of motherhood, Wong acknowledges that taking care of small kids has its ups and downs—and plenty of laughs. She summed it all up perfectly with the hashtag, “#BlessedButDone.” As her kids get older, we can't wait to see how she nails the insanity of raising tweens and teens.