Updated: December 08, 2016

  • Nobody loves going to the dentist. But a new study found that redheads in particular may really hate inspections of their pearly whites. A common gene in people with ginger-colored locks may make them resistant to certain pain medications often used in the dentist’s chair, leading to not-so-comfy visits. [Rodale]

  • Lots of little things we find attractive in members of the opposite sex are supposedly deeply rooted in our evolutionary instinct to find a good mate to reproduce with. Just like appearance, a voice can attract us to Mr. Right too. [DivineCaroline]

  • Imagine how convenient it would be to have a doctor’s opinion of that weird new rash with just the click of your mouse. It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Cisco and UnitedHealth Group are looking into the doctor visits of the future: Web chats. [Wired]

  • At least 30 workers in a Texas office building were taken to a local hospital today after two complained of chest pains and headaches from a strange smell near their cubicles. A hazmat crew feared it was a carbon monoxide leak, but later determined it was only a coworker’s strong perfume!  [MSNBC]

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