Everyone knows that Sriracha goes well on almost everything. Scrambled eggs? Absolutely. Tofu stir-fry? Sure. Chicken burritos? Yep. Vanilla ice cream? Some on Reddit would dare.Made from sun-ripened chili peppers, sugar, salt, garlic, vinegar, and other vegan ingredients, Sriracha is the chili sauce that has taken over the nation, garnering countless recipes and cookbooks. It’s not as hot (read: your mouth won’t feel like it’s on fire) as chomping down on jalapeños and other chili peppers, but it does give a nice kick to blander dishes.Whether you’re a hot sauce fan or not, this tasty dish will definitely hit the spot. Just mix the ground turkey and half of the ingredients in a large bowl, and once thoroughly combined, use your hands to shape into small balls (think: smaller than a kiwi). Space them out on a tray and bake in the oven.RELATED: How to Make Your Own SrirachaIf you thought that was easy, making the sauce is even more of a cinch. Whisk the remaining ingredients, including the honey and Sriracha, in a saucepan, and sprinkle in flour to thicken your homemade gravy. Pairing honey with hot sauce makes for a deliciously sweet and spicy coating for classic turkey meatballs.Drop in the cooked meatballs and toss to coat. Spoon a bed of rice or quinoa into storage containers and pop four meatballs into each. You can refrigerate these pre-made meals for up to four days, which means you’ve got lunch and dinners for the week!


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20 mins
45 mins


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  • Preheat oven to 375 °F. Line a baking sheet with foil. Spray with nonstick cooking spray and set aside.

  • In a large bowl, mix together ground turkey, bread crumbs, eggs, green onions, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Once combined, shape into about 1.5 -inch balls (roughly 40 meatballs ). Place on baking sheet , spaced well apart .

  • Bake the meatballs for about 25 minutes , or until they are browned and cooked through.

  • While the meatballs are in the oven, place sriracha, honey, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, and ginger in a small saucepan over medium heat ; whisk to combine. Bring to a boil, whisking continuously. Once the sauce is boiling, reduce heat. Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of the sauce out of the saucepan and put in a small bowl. Add cornstarch and stir with a fork. Once combined, add the mixture back to the saucepan (to help sauce thicken ). Simmer the sauce for about 10 minutes. When the meatballs are done, place them into the saucepan and toss to coat .

  • Add 4 meatballs to a container with some rice or quinoa, if desired. Top with sesame seeds, if desired, and more green onions. Meatballs will keep, refrigerated, up to 4 days.

Nutrition Facts

212 calories; fat 8g; saturated fat 2g; cholesterol 100mg; fiber 1g; protein 20g; carbohydrates 14g; sugars 7g; sodium 475mg; iron 1mg; calcium 30mg.