Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring. Bring a little flavor into your weekly meal plan with these healthy recipes that are as tasty as they are nutritious. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

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Chicken Leg Quarters In Pepper Sauce
Braising the chicken uncovered lets the skin stay nice and crispy while the meat cooks gently, for a juicy result. Red bell peppers and tomatoes are both full of beta-carotene and vitamin C. They lend the sauce a subtle sweetness that's balanced out by just a hint of heat from chile flakes.
Stovetop Chicken Thighs With Brussels Sprouts
Cooking the chicken under a weighted skillet speeds up the process and results in beautifully browned skin. The mushrooms and Brussels sprouts bring health-boosting compounds, and a bright and punchy lemon-herb sauce with capers transforms the simple combo into something extra special.
Yogurt-Marinated Chicken Wings
Common spices come together with yogurt, lemon, and garlic to create a deeply flavorful marinade that's perfect for these wings, or whatever cut of chicken you prefer. (The seasonings also contain tons of antioxidants.) Serve these as an appetizer or with veggies on the side.
Dutch Oven Whole Chicken With Miso Butter
Steam roasting—cooking the bird in a covered pot—is foolproof and ensures you get moist and tender meat. As the chicken cooks, the juice slowly drips down on the vegetables, bathing them in rich flavor enhanced by butter infused with miso, lime, and ginger.
Caramelized Cabbage & Onion Soup
This healthy twist uses colorful red cabbage (higher in antioxidants than green) and a better-for-you (but still delicious) ratio of soup to bread and cheese. The onions and cabbage are naturally sweet, Worcestershire sauce brings deep savory flavor, and acidic balsamic vinegar balances everything out.
Roasted Garlic Soup With Chicken & Chard
This will be your new go-to soup for when you're feeling under the weather. Garlic has immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties; paired with the healing powers of chicken soup, it makes for a soothing, nourishing bowl (with 25 grams of protein to boot!).

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Vegetarian Mushroom Chili
A blend of fresh and dried mushrooms gives this chili tons of texture and deep, earthy flavor (along with plenty of vitamins and immune-boosting antioxidants), while spices and poblano peppers lend a warm smokiness. The end result: a fiber-filled bowl that's so filling and satisfying, you'll never miss the meat.
Roasted Cauliflower & White Bean Soup
Fiber-rich and high in vitamin C, cauliflower contains anticancer compounds. It gets a nutty-sweet flavor when roasted that's turned up a notch when you preheat the pan, which deepens color and caramelization. And while maple, lemon, and clove may seem like an unusual combination, they work together to bring a unique deliciousness to this soup.

Lemon-Garlic Pasta With Tuna and Arugula

Pantry staples like tuna, beans, and whole-wheat linguine are full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats and make up the base of this dish. Folding in peppery arugula and topping it all off with a combination of walnuts, parsley, and lemon zest brightens everything up and adds more vitamins and minerals, too.