Updated December 08, 2016

  • According to Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi, our dream job—tasting food from some of the best chefs in the country five days a week—has a downside. While the show is in production, she says she typically gains 10 to 15 pounds! Maybe eating for a living isn’t so easy after all! [New York Times]

  • Unopened water won’t go bad—it is water after all—so why are there expiration dates on bottled water? Turns out the slightly porous plastic may allow outside smells and tastes to taint the H2O if left around too long! We think we won't be drinking that bottle that's been sitting in our gym bag. [Mental Floss]

  • First it was life-size models of unborn fetuses. Now there’s Bebe Gloton, or “gluttonous baby,” a breast-feeding doll from a Spanish toymaker that cries when it’s hungry and makes sucking noises as it “nurses.” The doll comes complete with a flower-print halter-top with nursing bra flaps for the little moms-to-be to wear! [Fox News]

  • British researchers found that men stare at women for an average of 43 minutes a day, or, over the course of a lifetime, for an entire year. Not that women aren’t guilty: We ogle guys right back, on average for 20 minutes a day, or six months of our lives. [The Sun]

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