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Maternity leggings that are flattering, stylish, and comfortable do exist. We asked new moms to share the pairs they loved during their pregnancies.

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The perfect maternity leggings should feel soft against skin, have plenty of stretch to support your growing bump (without digging in too tightly), and still have a snug enough fit so that they're not riding down all day. Last but not least, they should look good—after all, you get a lot of use out of your go-to pair of leggings when you're expecting.

It's challenging to find a pair of maternity tights that does it all, but not impossible. We polled the people who know best—new moms who just spent the better part of a year basically living in their maternity leggings—to share the ones that didn't disappoint. Below, the best maternity leggings that will keep you cozy and comfortable for the next nine months (and postpartum too).

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