He included a raw photo from the delivery room in his emotional Facebook post.

Sometimes it seems as if all we see on social media is the bad and the ugly—so the good really deserves to be shared far and wide.

The perfect example of what can be described as “good” on social media right now is a Facebook post from William Trice Battle. On November 18, Battle posted a raw and honest tribute to his wife, Lauren, inspired by his experience watching her go through labor and childbirth.

“I honestly don’t know how she did it,” he began. “The pain was so intense, so overwhelming, that even I felt it. Everyone in the room felt it. Yet she pulled through.”

Battle went on to describe how Lauren’s labor triggered a physical response from him: “I found myself gritting my teeth when she did, tensing my entire body when her contractions hit, and shedding tears along with her.”

If you’re reading this thinking, Yeah, but he doesn’t really know what she’s going through, you’re absolutely right––and the new dad knows that, too.

“I was merely a passenger, never to truly experience the excruciating pain she was experiencing,” he wrote.

His heartfelt tribute continued: “She gave her labor every ounce of life and energy she had in her. And then gave a little bit more. And through it all, at the end of it she selflessly gave all of us a glimpse into what she has been enjoying exclusively to herself for the past 9 months. We all finally get to love and hold the boy that she sacrificed her body, comfort, energy, and self for.”

Battle ended his emotional post by acknowledging that while babies are incredible, what’s even more incredible––and not said often enough––is the effort it takes to bring them safely into the world.

“My son is an absolute miracle,” he said. “Babies are absolute miracles. But to me, the greater miracle is his mother, who has shown me what selfless sacrifice really is. What love really is. My wife is the real miracle.”

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