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Looking for something to read in the final days of calm before baby arrives? Try one of these mom- and doc-approved picks.

If you're pregnant, there's a pretty good chance you recently bought What to Expect When You're Expectingor at least have it in your shopping cart. The classic book, which exhaustively covers everything you need to know in the months before baby arrives, is beloved by moms-to-be and their doctors alike. "It's a very good go-to," says Christine Greves, MD, an ob-gyn at Orlando Health Hospital in Florida. "I even had a copy of it when I was pregnant, and I was an ob-gyn—it explains things nicely, especially if you're a first-time mom."

Still, she adds, moms-to-be shouldn't feel like they absolutely have to read What to Expect. There are many other great books out there, and some women may be interested in finding one that focuses on specific topics they care most about, Dr. Greves says—whether that's an explainer on the best baby gear, something to address anxieties about giving birth, or a primer on high-risk pregnancies. Here, nine helpful reads moms-to-be might want to consider.

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