Some commenters don't believe it's realistic to look the way Holker does a week after giving birth.

On November 6, So You Think You Can Dance's Alison Holker gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Zaia. On Tuesday, a week after Zaia's birth, the mom-of-three took to Instagram to document her postpartum body.

“A week post baby! So impressed with what the body can do and handle," she wrote in her caption. "All women are SUPERHEROS!! Love your body, it’s incredible!!!”

Holker's post didn't receive unanimous support. Some Instagram users called her out for what many labeled an "unrealistic" body shape just days after delivering a baby.

"That’s really great for you, yet this is an unrealistic expectation for most people," one user wrote. Another commented that they "hope women that don’t bounce back as quickly as you or don’t look as great as you don’t feel inferior."

While some were less than thrilled with her public display, others had nothing but positive comments. "You look great!!! It helped you were in rock in’ awesome shape throughout your pregnancy!" wrote one fan. "You’re a superhero after seeing the post baby dance. You make giving birth look so easy," added a second. 

For the record, it's totally normal for new moms to have a pregnancy-like bulge in their midsection after having a baby, and it takes about 6 weeks to deflate back to its original dimensions, Health previously reported. However, every woman is different. How one woman's body looks post-pregnancy will vary a lot from the way others do. 

Holker seemed unfazed by the critical comments—and she even posted an impressive dance video with her husband the next day.

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