How to Pitch

Our Mission

Health provides whole-life advice and inspiration for the woman who knows who she is and wants to live well in every way. We empower. We encourage. We educate.

Our Vision

Health is a trusted source of news, trends, and inspiration in the health and wellness space. It's for the woman striving to improve the quality of her life.

Our Readers

Health has a very diverse demo, though the majority of our direct readers are 40+ and female. Most of our social followers are 18-40 and female. Our daily newsletter audience is predominantly 50+ and female. It's very common for us to create and package different stories for each outlet.

Our Goals

To reveal the human story behind health care and to distill the latest research and trends for readers looking for a safe place to get answers. We aim to increase our diversity and inclusion—both behind the scenes and on the page. For far too long, mainstream health media have ignored anyone not straight, cisgender, white, and thin. We seek to put a spotlight on people and communities that have been marginalized in medicine and provide resources for anyone looking for support in regard to their health and well-being.

Our Content Mix


First-person essays related to personal health experiences, often with data and/or expert input to help support your points

Fee range: $200-$1000


Educational, evergreen, primarily answers to search queries. Always expert-based.

Fee range: $200-$500


Investigative features based on the latest science or social trends. A mix of data and expert opinion.

Fee range: $250-$1,000


Service content that's related to current events

Fee range: $200-$1000


One-on-one interview narrative

Fee range: $200-$500


Write-ups on viral posts and trends that include an interview with original sources as much as possible

Fee range: $200-$500


Supports our e-commerce initiatives. Either first-person 'I-tried-it,' expert reviewed, or high customer approval rating

Fee range: $150-$300

A Note About Rates:

Though we have a general range, the fee is ultimately dependent upon the writer's experience, difficulty of assignment, and our current budget capabilities.

Our Franchises


Invisible Illness

But Why?

Is It Just Me?

Condition Centers / Living With …

This Is Me

My Mantra

Oasis Spaces

Fit Friday

New-ish franchises

  • Health Investigates: Deep dives into health care and wellness trends
  • Spotlights: Bi-annual packages on social justice and health care issues; individual essays are assigned at our first-person reported fees

Questions every pitch has to answer

  1. Why is this story relevant to Health readers right now?
  2. Where is it most likely to perform? (ex: social media, Google search)
  3. Does Health already have a piece on the topic? (Easy way to figure this out: type [INSERT TOPIC] and see what pops up in Google)
  4. What's the Health angle on the topic?
  5. What service will it provide the reader?
  6. What's the potential headline/s?
  7. What sources does the writer intend to include?

Who to Contact

  • Esther Crain, Senior Deputy Editor, Features: Misdiagnosed, Invisible Illness, But Why, Sexual Health, Relationships, and essays, spotlights
  • Colleen Murphy, Senior Editor, Features: Essays and reported pieces on social trends and social justice, diet & nutrition, This Is Me, Oasis Spaces, My Mantra, entertainment/celeb, general wellness
  • Amber Brenza, Deputy Editor, Conditions: News, Health Conditions (and Living With stories), Fitness, Fit Friday, Is It Just Me?
  • Karen Pallarito, Senior Editor, Conditions: Health news and reports, personal essays related to living with a specific condition
  • Susan Brickell, Senior Editor (E-commerce): Products & gear, Beauty, Skincare, Style
  • Maggie O'Neill, Associate Editor: General editorial queries, Trends: Health care and/or Wellness
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