9 Apps for All of Your Pet Care Needs

Your pet care needs—from training wisdom to medical advice—all in the palm of your hand.

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Teach your dog training commands with over 100 lessons and a built-in clicker. For specific advice, use the live chat feature to access real trainers.

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Animal Poison by ASPCA

Animal Poison by ASPCA-Connected-Pets-Apps-Health-Print-Jan-2022

"Uh-oh, was it OK for my pet to eat that?" This searchable database has info on hundreds of substances hazardous to pets, including plants, fruits, and chemicals.

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Find a daily dog walker or a cat sitter for the weekend in an instant, all background-checked for safety. Stay connected through messages, and tag along on walks with GPS tracking.

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Cat Training Tips

Cat Training Tips-Connected-Pets-Apps-Health-Print-Jan-2022

Yes, you can train your cat! Teach her basic recall, promote healthy scratching behaviors, and learn how to calm the midnight zoomies with practical, straightforward tips.

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Put all of your pet's medical information in one place, including vaccines, medications, microchips, and insurance details. Invite family members or pet sitters to access the info as necessary.

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11pets: Pet Care

11pets- Pet Care-Connected-Pets-Apps-Health-Print-Jan-2022

For households with multiple pets (and pet parents!). Log medical info, and set reminders for everything from flea and tick treatments to medication schedules to their next nail trim.

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Pet First Aid: American Red Cross

Pet First Aid- American Red Cross-Connected-Pets-Apps-Health-Print-Jan-2022

Be prepared for all kinds of pet emergencies. Educational videos, quizzes, and step-by-step guides will walk you through stressful situations until you can get your pet safely to the vet.

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Planning a trip? Search (worldwide!) for dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, and more, so you can bring your furry family member on the adventure, too.

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Take advantage of modern virtual health care options by booking a video consultation with a vet, or use the app to schedule an in-person home visit or same-day virtual appointment.

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