Having a Dog Makes You Sexier, Study Says

Turns out your furry friend makes for a solid wingman.

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Calling all single ladies (and fellas): if you’re looking to score a date, your furry friend may be the perfect wingman.

That’s right, pets are not only proven to make you happier and healthier, but a recent study shows they may also boost your sex appeal.

To get these results, researchers randomly recruited 1,210 single pet-owners (61% women and 39% men) who were registered on Match.com. The participants completed a questionnaire that asked how pets influence their dating life. One major result: 35% of women and 26% of men said they were more attracted to someone if they owned a pet.

The study also revealed that guys are anything but clueless to their pet’s appeal. The lead researcher stated dogs are often used as “social tools” in the dating world, and men in the study were more likely to use their pet to score a date.

These findings may not come as a huge surprise (after all, how cute is it when a guy has an adorable pup by his side?). But the role of pets is even more important than we may have previously realized. In fact, the study even found women were less likely to date someone who simply didn’t like pets. Whether a pet-friendly man makes him appear a more promising caretaker or he simply seems more attractive when paired with an animal companion, there’s no denying a pet’s romantic influence.

But not all pets are created equal. According to the study, bigger may actually be better (when it comes to attracting a guy with a pet, at least.) About 28% of men said if their date’s pet could fit in her purse, they’d be majorly turned-off.

So which pet is considered the sexiest? A whopping 83% of women said dogs were the hottest pet a guy could own (sorry, cat lovers). However, considering 72% of the participants were dog owners, some more research might be necessary to determine if, say, a hamster could help your love life.

But for now, to improve your dating game, you may want to say hello to a new canine friend.

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