Miss your dog or cat all day? These cameras let you check in remotely.

By Dwyer Frame
March 01, 2016

One of the many joys of having a dog or cat is simply watching the cute things they do—showing off their bellies in a patch of sunlight, jumping on the bed, chasing their own tails. But since most of us aren't home all day, we often miss their adorable (and sometimes naughty!) behaviors. Stay connected to Fluffy or Fido while you're away with one of these clever cameras.

Petcube ($199; amazon.com)

For the ultimate pet lover, this camera not only lets you watch, speak to, and listen to your dog, you can also operate a laser pointer (cat lovers rejoice!) for playtime via your phone with a downloadable app. If you furry pal is doing something particularly cute, you can take a photo or video and send to friends and family.


Nest Cam ($199; amazon.com)

This camera does double duty: it can be used as a security camera and a remote pet monitor. With the capacity to work both in the daytime and at night, the camera will send an alert to your phone whenever it detects movement. Fido on the new white sofa? You can use the voice command option to tell him to “get down.” And if you signup for Nest Aware ($10 per month), you can view archived videos to see what you may have missed.

Photo: nest.com

Petzi Treat Cam ($179; amazon.com)

How fun is this? When you access this camera, a chime will sound, alerting your pet to come take a look at the device. From there, you can speak to your furry friend (note: the sound is only one-way, so you won't hear anything back), and dole out a treat from the built-in dispenser for good behavior or on the completion of a trick.

Photo: amazon.com

Vimtag 361 HD ($99; amazon.com)

Don’t want to spend a bundle? Even with a lower price, you're still able to watch your pet from your phone. The camera can also be controlled by an app, so you can move it side to side or tilt it for a 360 view of your room. It also has night vision, motion detection to alert you, and slot for an SD card to record motion and two-way audio.

Photo: amazon.com