Health explores all the ways pets increase our overall wellbeing and how they can be of medical service when you're living with specific conditions. Plus, some pro tips on pet health care–because fur babies are family.

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Why Dogs Bark, and What You Can Do About It
Does your dog love to “talk” (a.k.a. bark) a little too much? Here are a few tips for keeping the conversation productive and in check. 
The 8 Best Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats
We know our pets love to snooze, and they deserve quality rest. Finding the right bed for your pet’s age or sleep style can make all the difference. 
Acupuncture, Massage, and Other Beneficial Therapies for Your Pet
Massage, acupuncture, water therapy—it sounds like a day at the spa, but it’s actually a typical day at an animal rehabilitation center. Just like they do for us, these treatments have a wide range of benefits for our pets.
These Are the Best Puzzle Toys To Keep Your Pet’s Brain Sharp
Our dogs and cats need mental stimulation just as much as physical exercise. These interactive puzzles and toys challenge their problem-solving skills, keeping their minds active and engaged. 
The 8 Best Dog Bowls—No Matter Your Pet’s Needs
Finding the right bowl for your dog can make mealtimes easier, more enjoyable, and less stressful for you and your pup, especially if she has specific needs.

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Dogs Are Able to Detect Presence of Coronavirus by Sniffing Human Saliva, New Study Finds

Researchers say the method of detection could one day be used at airports, sports stadiums or other public places of mass gatherings.