Oticon Hearing Aids Review: Costs, Features, and Models in 2022

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Oticon Hearing Aids

Key takeaways

  • The company's latest technology helps the brain understand what is coming in through the ear.
  • Oticon hearing aids are well-liked by users and well received by reviewers.
  • Some Oticon hearing aids work especially well with iPhones.
  • Some Oticon hearing aids are available in pediatric versions suitable for children with different levels of hearing loss.

Oticon hearing aids use the brand's popular BrainHearing technology to help the brain process sound, so users can easily understand what they hear. Largely on the strength of this technology, Oticon is a top name in hearing aids and known for the innovation and performance of its devices.

Health editors researched dozens of brands to compare price, comfort and fit, customer satisfaction, features, and more to help you find a hearing aid that's right for you, and the Oticon Opn S came in at the top of our list. We'll take a closer look at Oticon hearing aids, the pros and cons of this popular brand, and the key features you should consider when choosing the best hearing aids for your needs.


  • BrainHearing technology helps the brain process sound.
  • Some hearing aids are designed for iPhone users.
  • You have a variety of choices of models and designs.
  • Pediatric models are available.
  • Models are designed for every level of hearing loss, from mild to profound, are available.
  • Oticon hearing aid reviews are mostly positive.


  • Oticon hearing aids aren't available for purchase over the counter or at Costco.
  • Some of the hearing aids are on the expensive side.
  • Most models don't directly connect with Android phones.

Features to consider

Oticon hearing aids come with numerous features, some of which are unique to the brand. These features include:

  • BrainHearing technology: This feature enables the devices to help the brain understand what is being heard.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Many Oticon hearing aids connect directly with iPhones. Just one also connects directly with other smartphones.
  • ON internet-connected hearing aid app for some models: This allows the hearing aid to interact with other internet-connected devices. Examples of the uses for this feature:
    • It allows the hearing aid to notify you if someone's at your door or the laundry is done.
    • You can set personal listening goals.
    • You can use it to control the thermostat or lights.
    • It has a feature that helps you find your hearing aid when it's lost.
  • Different styles:
    • Behind-the-ear (BTE)
    • In-the-ear (ITE)
    • Completely-in-canal (CIC)
    • Mini-receiver-in-the-ear (miniRITE)
  • Battery and rechargeable devices: Some models come with disposable batteries, while others are rechargeable.


Oticon hearing aids come in several different models, each of which is available at different performance levels. Some have other options, such as whether they are rechargeable or pediatric. Here are the available models:


More hearing aid

The More is the newest model. It's "designed to support your brain," according to Oticon. Oticon says the More delivers more of the company's signature BrainHearing technology. It claims to deliver 30% more sound to the brain and increase speech understanding by 15% when compared to the Oticon Opn 5.

Award-winning device

Though the device is Oticon's newest model, the More, with its "deep neural network" embedded in the chip, has already won several awards: the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award, the 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the CES 2021 Innovation Awards in Health & Wellness and Wearable Technology categories.

The deep neural network, according to Oticon, has been trained to recognize 12 million real-life sounds and provide helpful information to your brain to make it easier to understand speech. The More tied as one of the best hearing aids of 2020 on ZipHearing.com.

Other features

The RIE device has a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity that is suitable for iPhones and certain Android devices. The More also makes use of the Oticon internet-connected ON app, allowing the user to interact with other internet-connected devices. The More costs between $1,599 and $2,399.


OPN S hearing aid

Suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss, this hearing aid was made for iPhone users, and we rated it the best hearing aid for this purpose. It can be used with some Android devices but is more suited to iPhones.

Styles and features

The OPN S is available as a BTE or a miniRITE and makes use of the popular BrainHearing technology. There are two versions available: one that uses a disposable battery and an option that is rechargeable. This device is available for four different levels of hearing loss. Each model is available for three different levels of performance.

The OPN S has 65 channels and four programs that can be customized. It has a strong background noise reduction feature and IFTTT (If This Then That) capability, an internet feature that allows the hearing aid to interact with things like home appliances, alarms, lighting systems, and more. The ON app allows you to control the device from your smartphone.

Pediatric device

This model also comes in a pediatric version, known as the OPN Play, which can connect to iPhones and iPads with no need for a Bluetooth adaptor. This allows caregivers to adjust the settings using the Oticon ON app. The OPN S costs between $1,599 and $2,299.


Ruby hearing aid

This BTE rechargeable hearing aid is suitable for users with mild to severe hearing loss. It's available in five different colors and five different styles.


It allows you to connect with different devices, so you can take phone calls, watch videos, and more from your hearing aids using the range of supporting apps and accessories, such as remote controls and television adaptors. The Ruby costs between $1,299 and $1,499.


Siya hearing aid

This ITE hearing aid is suitable for users with mild to severe hearing loss. It comes in five different styles and allows for wireless connectivity in styles with 2.5 GHz Bluetooth low energy technology. The Siya costs between $1,299 to $1,449.


Xceed hearing aid

This powerful BTE hearing aid is best for users with severe to profound hearing loss. It offers connectivity directly with iPhones and an accessory known as the ConnectClip that allows for connections to other smartphones.

Other features

The Xceed has an OpenSoundOptimizer that Oticon says eliminates whistling and static without requiring the user to compromise hearing by turning down the sound. This model is also available in a pediatric Play version. The Xceed costs between $1,449 and $2,299.

How to find Oticon hearing aids near me

Oticon does not sell their devices directly to consumers through their website. However, you can purchase Oticon hearing aids through a local hearing center or audiologist's office. Visit the American Academy of Audiology to find an audiologist near you. You can also purchase through a discount network of hearing providers, where you'll be connected to hearing professionals in your area.

How does Oticon compare to other brands?

Oticon hearing aid reviews are generally good. Consumer Reports gives Oticon good grades for fit and comfort. The brand ranked third in its customer satisfaction survey, behind Costco/Kirkland and Signia, and tied with Phonak, Widex, and Resound.

The brand was given a score of four out of five points for ease of changing or charging the battery and three out of five for battery life, ease of cleaning, and value.

We rank the Oticon Opn S as best for iPhone users. However, we note that it's better with iPhones than with Android phones.

BestCompany, a well-known review site that compiles customer feedback on hundreds of products, gives Oticon high marks for offering hearing aids for all ages of users and every level of hearing loss from mild to profound and for its BrainHearing technology.

Cost and payment options

Oticon hearing aids cost anywhere from $1,300 to $2,400.

Unfortunately, Medicare won't cover the cost of hearing aids. The plan will cover the cost of hearing exams ordered by your doctor to determine whether you have hearing loss and how much. But it will not pay for routine exams.

Some private Medicare Advantage plans will cover hearing costs. If you have Medicare Advantage, you should check your plan to see what it includes.

In addition, most private medical insurance plans won't cover hearing aids, although some do. Some provide a discount or a set amount toward the cost of hearing aids. And some plans offer optional hearing coverage. It's worth checking your policy to see if you have coverage.

Funds in a Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, or Health Reimbursement Account can generally be used toward the purchase of hearing aids.

Oticon hearing aid customer reviews

Oticon hearing aids receive generally positive reviews from customers who say they're happy with their devices and the service.


"I wanted to share an experience that highlighted additional value of my Oticon hearing aids. Unfortunately lost one recently out running errands, but where? The GPS "find my hearing aids" feature allowed me to track it down inside a very large grocery store, which was only 1 of several stops I had made that afternoon. Highly recommend these for sound quality and extra features like this one, saved the day!!"



"I am a professional Spanish interpreter; hearing is crucial. My audiologist recommended (Oticon). I have had them for nearly two years with no problems. The difference in hearing is amazing. The first several days I walked around with my mouth open at the things I could hear."



"I bought the Oticon More 1 hearing aids and I'm very happy. The sound quality is excellent, and the technology is first rate. I'm still learning all the capabilities of them but in the meantime, they have changed my life for the better. I can hear what people are saying to me, and my TV is no longer blaring loud!!"



"The sound quality of the Oticon instruments I purchased is an improvement over the instruments I previously wore. The new instruments fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I was especially impressed by the battery life. I had a severe hearing loss and the BTE units use a 675 battery."


Bottom line

If the performance features for Oticon hearing aids appeal to you, you should visit a provider to discuss your options. Find out more about Oticon and other hearing aids through ZipHearing.com to be connected with a hearing health professional near you.

Frequently asked questions

Are Oticon hearing aids worth the money?

Oticon hearing aids are available at several different price points, depending on your needs and your budget. The brand receives almost exclusively positive reviews and very few complaints. The hearing devices appear to be a good value if they fit within your budget.

Does Costco sell Oticon hearing aids?

No. Costco does not carry Oticon hearing aids in its stores.

Is Oticon better than Phonak?

Based on ratings, Phonak would appear to be a better brand than Oticon. But Oticon is a quality brand that may be worth considering, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

While we rate Oticon OPN S the best hearing aid for iPhone users, we found Phonak the best overall brand on the market. We also rated the Phonak Naida Marvel 90 the most powerful hearing aid. The Phonak Paradise received our audiologist's pick. Between Oticon and Phonak, the pricing is roughly the same.

How long do Oticon hearing aids last?

Oticon says hearing aids last from three to seven years but may last longer for some people. This can be influenced by how well the hearing aids are maintained and how much wear they get, as well as the quality of manufacture. It may be worth upgrading as your hearing changes and when new technology becomes available to better meet your needs.

What is the latest Oticon hearing aid?

The latest Oticon hearing aid is the More.

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