Updated December 03, 2018

  • We’ve heard about the surprising health benefits of things that aren’t immediately recognized as health foods, like beer, red wine, and coffee. But LSD and maggots? Some of these 10 bad things that are good for you sound too strange to be true. [LiveScience]




  • In this late-August heat, we’ve been feeling pretty sluggish. Besides getting a good night’s sleep and staying hydrated, we’re also trying to avoid these six foods that zap your energy. [FitSugar]



  • Is it OK to put hot food directly into the fridge? Can you drink milk after the “sell by” date? Get answers to all your shelf-life questions with this handy Keep It or Toss It tool. [StillTasty]



  • We’ve got lots of little memory-boosting tricks up our sleeves, from taking deep breaths, to learning a new language, to exercising your eyes. Now there’s a simple way to bulk up on brain power that we really didn’t expect: chewing gum. [DivineCaroline]



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