Receding gums? Sensitive teeth? You're going to love this new toothbrush.


Update, March 18, 2019: The ISSA2 is currently on sale just for Health readers! From now until April 18, use the code "HEALTH20" at checkout to save 20% on this bestselling electric toothbrush.

If you follow any lifestyle bloggers on Instagram, you've probably spotted Foreo's popular ISSA toothbrush on your feed. With its streamlined design and bold colorways, the Swedish beauty-tech company managed to create a toothbrush that's simultaneously effective and super-cute. We've raved about the ISSA before; we love that the soft silicone bristles are gentle on gums, ideal for anyone with receding gums or sensitive teeth in general. And now, Foreo is changing the toothbrush game again with an updated version: the ISSA 2.

Like the original ISSA, the new model has a soft, flexible brush head and quick-drying, 100% waterproof silicone material. The 16 variable speeds help repel plaque off teeth (you can easily adjust the speed using the +/- buttons), and there's a handy two-minute timer to prevent over- or under-brushing. And unlike most electric toothbrushes, there's no bulky charging station to claim valuable real estate on your bathroom sink—you simply recharge it using a USB cord.

Credit: Foreo

To buy: starting at $169, with replacement brush heads for $25 on From now until April 18, 2019, Health readers can save 20% off on the ISSA2 using the code "HEALTH20" at checkout.

But the latest model also has some key differences: A big one is that the ISSA 2 has a superior battery, and a one-hour charge now lasts a whopping 365 uses (yes, you read that right). It also squeezes in way more pulses per minute—11,000 compared to the original ISSA's 183—to remove bacteria buildup with thousands of effective micro-sweeps. In other words, if you loved the original ISSA, the ISSA 2 is going to blow you away.

I've been lucky enough to test-drive (err, test-brush) the new model, and I'm hooked—and I don't think it's just because I'm a sucker for the sleek design and general cool factor. I haven't used an electric toothbrush in years; I hated how much space my old one took up in my tiny New York City bathroom and that it would somehow always get kind of moldy no matter how often I cleaned it. But since my dentist recently told me that my aggressive brushing with a regular toothbrush was wreaking havoc on my gums, I decided I needed something gentler. Enter the ISSA 2. Let me just say that this toothbrush makes your mouth feel so clean. I love how easy it is to grip and that the angled brush head lets me comfortably reach all those way-back teeth. And yes, the color is great (I have it in mint).

Even better news for sensitive teeth folks: The ISSA 2 is also available as part of a sensitive teeth set with two brush heads. One is made entirely of super-soft silicone, the other combination PTP polymer, so you can switch out the stronger one for days when you need a more serious cleaning.

This post was originally published on March 16, 2018 and has been updated for accuracy.

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