The founder of 8Greens—an effervescent tablet made up of concentrated superfoods—talks about the value of finding what works for you.
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Credit: Courtesy of Russell

Where did the inspiration for 8Greens come from?

To make a long, dramatic story short, I had cancer when I was 25, and developed a serious bone infection. It healed, but my body became really depleted in the process. For years after, I traveled the world trying to find complementary treatments, only to end up back in my apartment in New York, experimenting with the basics of nutrition. You name it, I tried it—mushrooms, strawberries. But the thing my body really took to was greens.

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How did you decide to put them in a tablet?

I had all this knowledge about greens, and I had to do something with it. I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I had gone through to get well. And I’m not speaking in terms of cancer—but just going from feeling so horrible to feeling so good.

At first I had no idea. I was making smoothies for my husband every day, and he wouldn’t drink a single one because they tasted awful. But the idea kept evolving.

How do you define wellness?

What do you need to do to make your life work? Let’s not be abstract, and let’s be realistic about it—because every person is different.

Are there any health trends you’re into right now?

I like taking baths with Epsom salts. They’ve been around for so long; they’re simple, inexpensive, and the real deal. That’s the type of thing I gravitate toward.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I take care of myself in a simple but deep way—going for a jog, or for acupuncture or cupping, because those do something for me internally. Afterward you stand taller, and feel broader.

Is there one lesson you learned from your experience with illness that you’ve carried with you?

A million people can give you a million opinions, but at the end of the day, you know you better than anybody, and you have to listen to that no matter what. I feel like the health and wellness world is full of people who can be very strongly opinionated, and preachy, and persuasive. I want people to trust themselves a lot more than they do.

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