Here's a Good Reason Not to Have Your Starbucks Delivered

Starbucks will offer delivery through its mobile app starting in 2015. But is skipping the coffee run a good thing or a bad thing?

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Starbucks will offer delivery through its mobile app starting in 2015. I read the news on my office computer, to which I'd been glued for a good hour. This is exactly the reason I would never have my iced latte delivered. Some days, doing a coffee run is the only time I tear myself away from my desktop screen.

Americans sure don't need another excuse to be sedentary. We've become a nation of cubicle potatoes, thanks in part to a shrinking number of employees at companies and a heftier load of work. A whopping 39% of employees eat lunch at their desks and 42% either rarely take a lunch break or skip it completely, per a 2012 poll by Right Management.

As you can guess, being sedentary is pretty unhealthy. Not taking a proper lunch break leads to greater fatigue and lack of productivity among office workers, found one study from the University of Toronto. Staring at a computer screen for long stretches of time can cause eye fatigue; one study from JAMA Ophthalmology discovered that spending more than seven hours a day in front of a computer can cause symptoms similar to dry eye syndrome, mainly because we blink less as we gaze at our screens and create a lower concentration of tears. This behavior can also cause neck strain and, per my own research, lead to desperate raids of the office vending machine and consumption of crappy snacks.

I often down lunch at my desk. And so, hitting Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts (I go both ways) in the afternoon is sometimes my only occasion to get my butt moving. As much as I'm glad to join in when a coworker takes requests for a coffee dash, I'm much happier to give my eyes a break, get some fresh air, and get my body moving. The change of scenery recharges me as much as the caffeine does. Well, almost as much.

Starbucks is coming up with all sorts of ways to make bucks these days, including a $200 sterling silver gift card keychain on sale next week. (How much would you hate to lose that?!) Meanwhile, I'll just say thanks for the delivery option, but no thanks. If anyone would like to deliver a masseuse to me at the office, however, I am in.

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