Not a fan of anchovies? These packaged snacks and ingredient swaps all contain the healthy fat.

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Salmon, oysters, trout, sardines, anchovies—those are the heavy-hitters when it comes to omega-3 foods. They’re chock-full of the key nutrient, and fairly easy to find. Eating them (as well as other types of seafood) is how most experts recommend you get your omega-3s.

But if you don’t like fish—or don’t regularly eat the recommended two servings per week—sneaking the good-for-you fat into your diet wherever you can certainly helps. And fortunately that’s not too hard to do: Just keep some omega-3-rich packaged snacks on hand, and make a few simple ingredient swaps on your grocery list.

Check out our picks for omega-3 foods below. (They're all as tasty as they are healthy.)

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