What Are the Health Benefits of Lemon Water?

Is lemon water really the miracle drink some make it out to be? Watch this video to find out.

Lemon water is beloved by health nuts who boast about the beverage’s ability to hydrate, aid digestion, prevent kidney stones, deliver glowing skin, and help you shed pounds. But is the drink the magic bullet everyone makes it out to be? We did some research to find out whether the refreshing sip is really as beneficial as people say it is. In this video, we’ll spotlight lemon water’s pros and cons, so you know what to really expect from infused H2O.

If Gisele and Gwyneth swear by the stuff, it has to be good, right? Lemon water loyalists often tout the drink for its high vitamin C content, as well as its antioxidants and a type of fiber called pectin. The only problem is that the antioxidants and fiber found in lemon are mostly in the citrus fruit’s flesh, pith, or rind. And you’d have to eat a lot of it to actually gain any health benefits. Thanks, but no thanks.

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What’s more, the acid in lemon can actually break down the enamel of your teeth, potentially resulting in tooth decay over time. Yikes.

But hydrating is also important for your health, and if you’re someone who has trouble sipping on plain old tap water, a spritz of lemon may help you down more of the stuff. Hydrating can also aid weight loss by helping you consume less food, since it’s common for us to think we’re hungry when we’re actually just thirsty.

The bottom line? Zero-calorie lemon water will always be a better choice than a sugary drink. But it’s also not a miracle beverage. Don’t expect it to completely overhaul your complexion or boost your metabolism (sorry!). In general, feel free to hydrate with lemon water, but enjoy it in moderation to protect your teeth.

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