Give your favorite quesadillas, burritos, and wraps a healthy makeover with these fiber-rich (and tasty!) tortillas.

The product: La Tortilla Factory Smart and Delicious Whole Grain Fiber and Flax Tortillas in White Grain, Yellow Corn, and Multi-Grain Corn ($1.89 to $2.49 for a package of 12; available at grocery stores nationwide)

The taste factor: Real corn gives these hearty tortillas a soft, chewy texture, making a mild savory base for wraps or quesadillas.

The health factor: Ground flax seed boosts the tortillas with good-for-you omega-3 fats (200 milligrams per serving). Plus, for just 90 calories, two tortillas pack 5 grams of fiber, which helps digestion and keeps you full.

Editor's pick: Pop these tortillas in the microwave (or the broiler) with a sprinkle of cheese and a few chopped veggies, then add sliced avocado and a spoonful of salsa once they're toasted. The zesty, gooey combo makes for a hearty snack or light lunch packed with whole grains and veggies.

Why we love it: These soft, corn wraps boast good-for-you fiber and flax without skimping on taste.