These better-for-you sweets contain less refined sugar than other varieties, according to RDs.

By Kathleen Mulpeter
September 10, 2018

There's been a lot of bad news in the world lately, so here's a little bit of good news: healthier Halloween candy exists. And yes, it's actually tasty.


Hopefully, you already know sweets are okay in moderation—in fact, experts say letting yourself occasionally have a favorite treat may help you resist other diet temptations. "There's permission in life to have candy," says Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD, a nutritionist near San Diego. "It's important to know that a healthy lifestyle and nutritious, balanced diet can incorporate indulgences without guilt."


Even RDs reach for packaged candy every now and then. The key, they tell us, is to look for products that are low in refined sugar, with bonus points for those that contain good-for-you ingredients like fruit and nuts for added fiber, protein, and healthy fats. We polled nutritionists to find out which candies they recommend to clients (and occasionally snack on themselves). Each of their picks is available in packages small enough to be distributed on Halloween.


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