The "Keto Krew" in Texas is the mid-week inspiration you need.

By Susan Brickell
Updated January 08, 2020

You've probably heard of the keto diet by now.Although there are risks to consider before you try it, there are also many success stories cropping up on our social media feeds. The latest? Five coworkers at Sprouts Farmers Market in Katy, Texas, have lost 200 pounds collectively thanks to the diet.

Grocery store manager Farley Hayes dropped some serious weight (read: 65 pounds) when he switched to a keto diet."I was two pant sizes down within three weeks," Hayes told Good Morning America. His results were noticed by his coworkers, inspiring store manager Nick Glidden to switch to a keto diet as well. Now, five employees at the Katy Sprouts Farmers Market have formed a weight-loss team dubbed the "Keto Krew" and are slimming down together, finding new keto-friendly products in the store, sharing recipes, and supporting each other.

"It’s almost like an Easter egg hunt in the store every day,” says Glidden about looking for keto-friendly products. "Morale is up. Everyone is trying to help."

Before he went keto, Hayes says he never considered how not-so-great diet choices—such as frequently opting for fast food meals—were affecting his health. Now, he spends one afternoon or evening a week preparing meals that fit into his diet, and when he finds delicious keto recipes or awesome keto-friendly products, he shares them with his coworkers. Hayes tellsGood Morning America that he's advocating for a keto grocery section in their Katy location. "Almost daily we get two to three customers who talk to us about keto," he says.

Another "Keto Krew" member, Ana Lewis, claims she's reaped the benefits of the diet by losing 75 pounds in four months and feeling more energized."[My coworkers] were making fun of me because I was coming to work and bouncing around," she says. "I have so much energy."

While these five friends have benefited from the keto diet, it's important to note that it may not be right for everyone. Because the keto diet encourages you to eat more fat and protein, it's easy to get carried away with tasty (but less healthy) high-fat indulgences like bacon.And there are possible risks, including side effects like diarrhea,ketoacidosis, and even increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Glidden acknowledges that the best thing to do is educate yourself and be aware of what and how much you're putting into your body. "It’s all about the balance," he says.