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Stay hydrated with these anything-but-basic water bottles and high-tech hydration gadgets.

I used to drink water religiously. I was on the track team in college, and I lived in fear of showing up to practice or a meet dehydrated. I dutifully carried my plastic water bottle everywhere, sipping throughout the day and "checking my hydration status" (in other words, staring at my pee), as our trainers told us to do. I found that my workouts were much easier when I was hydrated, so I was obsessed with making sure I drank plenty of water before my repeat sprints.


Today, I sit at a desk for most of my day—and even though I still exercise regularly, my workouts are less strenuous, and I've found I crave a lot more coffee than water. But as a health reporter, I know how important it is to drink plenty of H20: mild dehydration can lead to irritability, low energy levels, headaches, dry skin, and even weight gain. While the amount of water you should drink every day can vary depending on age and activity levels, the Institute of Medicine recommends men aim for 125 ounces a day and women aim for 91 ounces, including water from foods and other beverages.


Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of strange contraptions to encourage myself to drink more water, from setting phone notifications to testing out almost every new water bottle on the market. While many of these strategies have been too complicated for everyday use (or simply haven't worked at all), a few genius products have helped me increase my water intake. Here, five anything-but-basic water bottles and high-tech hydration gadgets that I've tested and loved.

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