Here are the websites that this dietitian can't get enough of!


By Julie Upton, RD

The Internet is still the Wild Wild West when it comes to finding nutrition information that is credible and stands up to serious scientific scrutiny. That’s why it’s so hard to find reliable information—how can you be sure that what you are reading is accurate and unbiased?

Of course I try to base my blogs on the latest scientific evidence and pepper in my own point of view, but it's also fun to read my dietitian colleagues’ blogs to get their take on all things nutrition related. Here are some of the blogs that are worth reading.
When I want to know what’s trendy in nutrition, this is where I head. Fried chicken is the new pork belly? Registered dietitian Janet Helm is often the first to report on new brand offerings, top chefs, and the restaurant world.
This website is run by registered dietitians Liz Weiss and Janice Newell Bissex. They provide practical solutions for busy parents on how to improve everyday meals. You'll find simple substitutions and ideas for can-do recipes that the entire family will love. These ladies also do a weekly podcast full of recipes, mealtime tips, and good humor.
Registered dietitian Estela Schnelle’s site is based on this motto: “Eat when you're hungry...and eat REAL food.” If we all could do this, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic and we’d live longer, healthier lives. Look out for her tasty recipes—she helps "veganize" chocolate chip cookies—and sound nutritional advice.


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Written by Chris Mohr, PhD, and Kara Mohr, PhD, this site provides a lot of useful nutrition and fitness information, and it also covers controversial topics. As parents of a baby daughter, Chris and Kara provide advice that most busy parents and professionals can relate to. Look at this nugget of wisdom: “New Year’s resolutions are merely excuses for what you don’t want to start today." You'll love their matter-of-fact tone and helpful tips.
Charles Stuart Platkin, PhD, provides a tough-love approach that shows how many calories we mindlessly eat and how much exercise it would take to burn them off. Did you know you’d have to shop for more than three hours to burn off a Starbuck’s Venti Peppermint Mocha? You'll also find meal plans, menus, and step-by-step guides for long-lasting weight loss.