4 Healthy Habits on the Go

May has been a busy month for me. I feel like I’ve spent more time traveling than at home! The month started off with a 3-day trip to New York City, followed by a day-long fitness conference, another trip to NYC, and then an overnight 200-mile running relay. Even though I've been having a blast on the road, it isn't surprising that all of this nonstop travel involves some fatigue, stress, and makes it more difficult for me to eat well. When I'm running around from place-to-place and event-to-event, I sometimes make poor decisions with regard to my weight-loss goals, like choosing a buttery croissant over a Greek yogurt and happy hour over an early-morning run through a new city.

Being constantly on the go means that my normal eating and exercise routines get a bit out of whack, not to mention slacking on my healthy habits doesn't make me feel good about myself, so through my travels over the past two weeks, I've made it a point to take care of myself and keep my waistline in check. Use these tips to ensure you don't forgo your goals while on the go:

Plan healthy snacks
I’ve learned that with a little advanced planning, eating on the road doesn’t have to be a challenge. I used to just wing it, but this often meant I'd get too hungry and be forced to buy the most convenient meal or snack I could find, like greasy fast food or an enormous blueberry muffin. Not surprisingly, this wasn't the healthiest or waist-friendly option, so now I make sure to bring along healthy snacks. My favorites are bananas, KIND bars, and single packets of nut butter.

Pick protein-packed meals
On long train rides or flights, I don't always have the luxury of finding a healthy meal option, so I eat before I board or purchase a meal to bring with me. I make sure I choose one with lots of protein, so I'm satisfied for hours. My favorites on the road are Starbuck's Protein Box, which comes with a hardboiled egg, nut butter, and fresh fruit, or a large salad with grilled chicken and beans.

Prioritize sleep
Getting a good night's rest is a priority for me when I travel. If I'm sleep deprived, I get cranky, easily frustrated, and my cravings are tough to control, which means a slice of greasy pizza often wins over a colorful, nutrient-packed salad. But when I'm well-rested, making healthy choices is a lot easier, so I'm able to stick to my goals and feel better about my choices.

Schedule exercise "dates" with friends
Traveling doesn’t mean taking a vacation from my workouts. In fact, it means just the opposite! While in New York, I planned a fitness "date" with a friend who I haven't seen in awhile. She suggested an early-morning bootcamp class, which got me out of bed and started my day off on the right foot. Scheduling a time to exercise keeps me accountable, and working out with a buddy makes exercise all the more fun.

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