The Ninja XL Air Fryer is Over $60 Off for Cyber Monday

This is the one kitchen appliance I use almost daily

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 Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL Tout


I know, I know, if you're not already on the air fryer train, why start now? Do you really need one more appliance to store? That was me last year, and I can confidently say I am now an official air fryer convert. It just so happens that one of the most beloved brands, the Ninja XL Air Fryer is on massive sale for Cyber Monday—over $60 off—so now's the time to purchase if you've been on the fence.

Not having to fry things in oil to get that same delicious crispy texture is kind of life-changing in all the best ways. Health benefits include everything from weight management to reducing a chemical linked to heart disease called acrylamide that's often found in high amounts in deep fried foods. In fact, a 2015 study found air frying reduced acrylamide levels by up to 80-90% compared to deep frying. Deep-fried foods are traditionally high in trans fats due to the amount of oil they require to, well, fry the food (up to three cups in many cases), while air fryers generally only require about a tablespoon of oil/fat to get a similar crispy texture, the food cooked tends to be substantially lower in fat.

 Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer


To buy: Ninja Air Fryer XL, $98.99 (was $159.99);

Not to mention all of the practical benefits. Instead of waiting what feels like hours for an oven to preheat to cook salmon, chicken nuggets or vegetables, you simply plug in your air fryer and it's basically ready to go. This particular Ninja Air Fryer you can also use as a dehydrator to make some healthy dehydrate fruit or veggies on-the-go or to toss into school lunches.

There are a lot of air fryers out there, but I love the extra-large capacity of this one, which is perfect for a larger family, prepping for dinner parties, or just reheating a pizza for yourself. Not only is it generously sized, it's super easy to clean since both the basket and crisper plate are dishwasher-safe, and super easy to use. As for the counter space? It's light and portable enough for me to stow away in the pantry when not in use, but honestly, it's used almost daily in my house—unlike some other big kitchen appliances whose names will not be mentioned.

To buy: Ninja Air Fryer XL, $98.99 (was $159.99);

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