March 04, 2011

  • Sick and tired of your indoor winter workouts? Take the dread out of the treadmill with these 6 secrets. [DailySpark]

  • Even though it would certainly make food shopping a bit more inconvenient, you may want to think twice before pushing a grocery cart. [TIME Healthland]

  • It's a common belief that a growling stomach is a signal to head to the kitchen, but it's not necessarily true. Find out why you're rumbling here. [BettyConfidential]

  • Brussels sprouts get a bad rap. This winter veggie is low-cal, full of fiber, packs a bunch of heavy-hitting vitamins and nutrients, and also delicious when prepared well—like in these 5 recipes. Sneak some in before the season ends. [FitSugar]

  • Serena Williams recently suffered from a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in her lungs. She says she is doing better and hopes to return to tennis by the summer. [People]

  • Roadrunner slowly started jogging and now spends time every day with her trainer, working on her endurance for long-distance running. Oh, and she's a cat! [Vitamin G]

  • Between the 5-year-old lipstick and the crusty mascara tube, we'll go to extremes to stick to our beauty habits. But some of them could make you sick. [Vital Juice]

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