Fact: Older people have sex.

Carolyn Cakir
August 22, 2014

In February, 86-year-old Georgia Gorringe published her first novel, a steamy romance featuring a bored housewife aroused by the voice of a talk radio DJ. And while some may be shocked by the great-great grandmother’s book, we shouldn’t be surprised by the octogenarian’s expression of sexuality.

In 2012, a Spanish survey found that 62% of men and 37% of women over the age of 65 are sexually active. And 25% report having sexual thoughts or fantasies at least once a day, according to the AARP (the most common fantasy was having sex with a stranger).

And even though those percentages decline over the decades, sexual activity is a part of adult life and can continue well into your 70s, 80s, and even 90s.

It took Utah-native Gorringe five years to write her book, No Good-Bye. Gorringe laughed in an interview with KCTU, saying, “And that voice on the radio, oh, he had a magic voice. And it just turned her on!”

Gorrigne wrote the novel under a pen name—Georgie Marie—and says the novel is fiction. Gorringe’s adult daughter, Bobbie Posey, says “A lot of it is actually real-life. I mean, we know who she’s talking about.”

After young adults, older people are the group at highest risk sexually transmitted diseases. Since couples don’t need to worry about pregnancy, they often forego condoms, increasing the likelihood of infections.

Gorringe's No Good-Bye is available on Kindle and Amazon.

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