A new app estimates your death day. Morbid? Maybe. But the good news is research shows you really can turn back the clock.

Rachel Swalin
November 06, 2014

App developers have really outdone themselves this time. The latest crazy offering? An iPhone app that estimates the date and time of your death.

Yes, you read that right.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your lifestyle and medical history, and connect it to Apple's HealthKit on iOS 6, and the aptly named Deadline ($2.99, iTunes) will use statistical information to give you a countdown clock (in years, days, and minutes) to your demise.

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The idea of knowing when exactly you might pass is more than a little freaky, it's also a little suspect. There's no telling whether a meteor is careening toward Earth at this very minute. We're all doomed! (Sorry.)

But world-ending disasters aside, the software does have a bright side. Users who adopt healthier habits, say hitting the gym more or taking a vacation, can input that info and instantly see an extension of their time on earth. For those of us that need all the reminders we can get, it's a pretty genius motivator for working out and eating healthy.

And you already know that even the simplest tweaks to your daily habits, like managing your stress, really can reverse aging. If you'd like a visual estimate just for kicks, hey, be our guest!

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