Crash diets and fad cleanses can harm your heart, we reported this week. But according to some experts, certain types of detox—like Dr. Elson Haas' SNACC program—can actually make you healthier and send your energy levels through the roof. [Forbes]
June 23, 2009

  • When it comes to not-so-healthy choices, we've all made our fair share. (We type this as we're scarfing down an enormous cookie after an already filling lunch.) But sometimes it's nice to focus on decisions we've done right. Read what Glamour readers had to say when asked, "When it comes to health, I'm so glad I didn't [Fill in the blank]." [Vitamin G]

  • Somehow we missed the boat on that whole spring cleaning thing, so we could use some tips for cutting the clutter in our home and office. This six-month rule and other easy tips will hopefully help save our sanity—and some cash, as well. [Lemondrop]

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