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A very serious scientific study of the brain's emotional and auditory response to annoying sounds has revealed a list of said noises.

The study is, well, kind of a slog (unless you are a neuroscientist). But the list of "worst sounds" caught our attention, because we take issue with the findings. Here it is the list, with "knife on a bottle" coming in first place:

  • 1. Knife on a bottle
  • 2. Fork on a glass
  • 3. Chalk on a blackboard
  • 4. Ruler on a bottle
  • 5. Nails on a blackboard
  • 6. Female scream
  • 7. Angle grinder (that's a handheld power tool, for you non-handyman types)
  • 8. Brakes on a cycle squealing
  • 9. Baby crying
  • 10. Electric drill

Really now. No slurping ramen noodle sound? Hormonal cat outside your window at 2 a.m.? The alarm that signals a practice fire drill at your office? Sniffling teenager who refuses to blow his nose? Toddlers singing "happy birthday" at your favorite restaurant?

Perhaps the lead researcher, Dr. Sukhbinder Kumar, needs to spend more time outside the lab in the real world of horrible auditory assaults.

What do YOU think is the worst sound in the world?