December 09, 2011

Cookies, eggnog, and pies may seem like the weight-gain culprits of the season, but don't forget about the calories in alcohol. Learn the nutrition facts about your favorite beers to keep your body in check during the holidays. Can you guess which brew has the most calories? [Greatist]

Will we really get sick from going outside with wet hair? Can we actually get addicted to Chapstick? And, seriously, what's up with all the fatty-food cravings in the winter? Here are 12 winter health quirks, finally explained. [HuffPost]

If losing weight seems like a never-ending battle, try celebrating every small milestone to remind yourself how hard you're working. Lost your first five? Go get that sparkly holiday dress you've been eyeing! [dailySpark]

At first it might seem odd—or even offensive—to prescribe contraceptives to nuns. But living a life without child-rearing and, as a result, more menstrual cycles, has been linked to higher rates of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers. That led a pair of Australian doctors to wonder: Should nuns to go on the Pill for their health's sake? [TIME Healthland]

Just because you wake up with a nasty cough doesn't mean you need to skip work. Or does it? Here's how to decide if you should take a sick day or simply work from home. [FitSugar]

If you're moisturizing your pregnant belly daily to help prevent stretch marks, we've got bad news for you: they're coming anyway. Find out how much you really know about stretch marks with this quick quiz. [lilSugar]

You may love this winter wonderland, but chances are your skin doesn't. Skip the expensive facials and try a homemade Pumpkin Coffee Sugar Scrub to get your skin feeling silky-smooth and ready to combat the cold. [Vital Juice]

While most Americans are shivering in their boots, others are Down Under suffering from excess heat. Kevin "K-Fed" Federline, who is in Australia filming a weight-loss show, was hospitalized this week for "heat stress." [People]

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