June 26, 2009

  • The debate marches on: New York has become the first state to allow taxpayer-funded scientists to pay women for eggs to be used in embryonic stem cell research. The new policy, which will grant women up to $10,000 for the time, discomfort, and expenses associated with the procedure, conflicts with guidelines issued by the National Academy of Scientists. [Washington Post]

  • In another first this week, San Francisco became the first city in the United States to make composting food scraps mandatory by law. Mayor Gavin Newsom says he believes that composting will become second nature to Americans—just like sorting bottles and paper—and will gradually spread across the country. []

  • A recent report by the CDC reminded us that chlorine in public pools often isn't enough to keep nasty bacteria away—so we're being careful to follow these safety tips at the pool this weekend. [MSN Health]

  • Do you have a Cooking Light supper club near you? If not, no worries! Now you can join the magazine's brand new virtual supper club and swap healthy recipes with new friends across the country. [Cooking Light]

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