July 19, 2012


Music is a powerful thing. If my grumpy self makes an appearance (which he often does), my iPod usually does the trick. Within seconds I’m tapping my feet and I can’t help but sing along. Whether it’s your mood or memories, music is influential and for many, therapeutic.

In the documentary ‘Alive Inside,’ filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennettin investigates the power music has on the memories of patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. This film teams up with social worker Dan Cohen, who on a whim decided to bring his iPod to a nursing home. To his surprise, patients suffering from memory loss seemed rejuvenated when exposed to music from their past.

In this video clip we are introduced to Henry. Before listening to his personalized playlist, he is crippled by his illness. He is hunched over, quiet, and almost unresponsive. But once the music starts, he is transformed. Henry is dancing, singing, and truly animated.

The team hopes to inspire and encourage nursing homes across the country to adopt music programs, as well as outpatient therapy in homes. Currently this documentary is still in production, but if you’d like to learn more, check out the website for "Alive Inside," which explains the film and their cause.

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